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151 7/L.Felda.R.2 Vz.Wachtm.; Verlustvermeldung Wttbg. 766 FLEGENHEIMER, Leo (I3218)
152 8 childrren, 5 surviving to adulthoodfirst marriage; REGENSBURGER, Moses Loew (I4846)
153 8/11/ according to  Family F885
154 800 Thackeray Dr
Highland Park, IL 60035
(847) 432-1225 
KIRCHHEIMER, Michael Harold (I3760)
155 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GROSSMAN, Maurice "Mike" (I2134)
156 86 Monroe Rd, STARR, Esther Dina (I701)
157 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. KIRCHHEIMER, Larry (I1626)
158 8:00 pm Unfinished Store, Family F1715
159 8:45 am, Jewish Memorial Hospital SHALEK, Julius (I2466)
160 9 kids, survival not known HANAUER, Loew (I749)
161 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MOLINSKY, Dr. Steven Jerry (I2227)
162 909 Colonade Road, Shorewood IL 60432 BLOCK, Michael (I4571)
163 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MILCHEN, Betty Lois (I2335)
164 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. KIRCHHEIMER, Sidney (I4438)
165 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ROSENTHAL, Amos (I349)
166 977 2ndAve. KIRCHHEIMER, Sidney (I1034)
167 ; living with them in 1930 Samuel Ettlinger,"brother-in-law"; in 1920 Samuel lived with parents Jacob and Babette in same buildig as Paul and Jennie; is neither brother nor clearly brother-in-law. ETTLINGER, Paul L. (I1018)
168 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F483
169 a baker SHEINMAN, Hannah (I323)
170 A hard delivery.
Known to young nieces and nephews as Tante Hoernchen 
ROSENFELD, Erna Ernestine (I91)
171 A Lieutenant when married.

Testimonial to the Grossman Family by Quincy Chamber of Commerce, January 23, 1956.
Elder son of Joseph B., Bernard received his education at Harvard University and Harvard Business School. He joined the company in 1941, and soon thereafter spent a short time in Washington with the War Production Board. He enlisted in the Air Corps after Pearl Harbor, and served in the Pacific area with the Seventh Air Force. Rejoining the company at the end of the war, he was appointed to his present position of assistant treasurer and comptroller. He has been active in the work of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, and, as president of his synagogue takes a deep interest in its activities.

Obituary, March 18, 1996 - Patriot Ledger
BERNARD GROSSMAN, businessman, philanthropies, WWII Army veteran
NANTUCKET Bernard D. Grossman, 78 of Nantucket, formerly of Quincy, a businessman and philanthropist, died Thursday at home. Mr. Grossman was managing director of Grossman Industrial Properties and founder and president of Nantucket Cablevision Corp. He was a trustee and committee leader for nearly 30 years at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and served as president of the board of trustees from 1979 to 1983.
Mr. Grossman was also a founder and trustee of Small Friends, which provides daycare services for working parents on Nantucket; founder of Landmark House, which provides housing for elderly on the island and founding president and trustee of Nantucket Community Services Inc. He was a Nantucket selectman from 1981 to 1987. He ran again for the board in 1989 and served for three more years including as chairman in 1990. He also served on many other town and county boards, including the conservation commission. Last month, the Nantucket selectmen dedicated a new Visitor Service Center in Mr. Grossman's name. Mr. Grossman was treasurer and managing director of his family's Braintree-based lumber and building supply company, L. Grossman Sons Inc. until the company was sold. He was a native of Quincy and attended Thayer Academy in Braintree and was a 1939 graduate of Harvard University. He also graduated Harvard Business School and served on the U.S. War Production Board as an industrial specialist. While living in Newton he served as chairman and trustee of Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Newton-Wellesley Hospital and the Massachusetts Hospital Association for many years. Mr. Grossman enlisted in the Army during World War II and served throughout the Pacific Theater and was discharged in 1946 as a captain. Along with his wife, Grace (Swig) Grossman, he was a strong supporter of Cape Cod Community College, its Educational Foundation and the Survival Fund, which Mrs. Grossman founded in the late1890's when state budget cuts threatened to close it. The college's trustees honored the couple by naming the student commons building in honor of Grace S. and Bernard D. Grossman. In addition to his wife, he is also survived by a son, Richard W. Grossman of Norwich, Vt.; a daughter, Betsy E. deLeiris of Newport, R.I.; and four grandchildren. A memorial service will be held April 13 in the Unitarian-Universalist Church on Nantucket. 
GROSSMAN, Bernard David (I2289)
172 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. FLOOD, Rachel Jesse (I2532)
173 Abe Newman heard about in London SCHINMAN, Unknown (I244)
174 accepted in Berwangen 1788;
KIRCHHEIMER, Immanuel (Menachem) (I732)
175 Accordinf to LDS film # 1810566 p.44L he was born in 1844

sold business in Marienwerder in 1887. Moved to Berlin Schoenhauser Allee 167a on 11/20/1887. Big family gathering.Bought Kastanien Allee 78/79 in 1891, built house and factory.Moved in 1892. Moved the factory within the building a few years later. In 1914 moved house from Kastaniene Alee to Wilmersdorf, Trautenanstr. 1, partially retired 
ROSENFELD, Arnold (I27)
176 According to 1910 census she had 9 children, 7 living?
Received permission to emigrate Dec. 1902 
ROTHSCHILD, Elise (I815)
177 According to Abe Newman (tel. conversation 4/28/99) his father Nathan, considered Jack Platow to be a first cousin. On that basis, alone, I have added his father, Aron Platow, as a sibling to Abraham Palatowski. So far there is no other indication of this relationship. PLATOW, Jack (Jacob) (I549)
178 according to Bob Kird 10/3/1847 KIRCHHEIMER, Sisel (sophie) (I346)
179 according to Bob Kirk 10/8/1856 KIRCHHEIMER, Jakob (I1340)
180 according to Bob Kirk 6/6/1854 KIRCHHEIMER, Solomon Hirsch (I1335)
181 according to Bob Kirk 9/20/1849 KIRCHHEIMER, Jette (Jutta) (I512)
182 according to Bob Kirk, 9/4/1883 HELLER, Hedwig (I1376)
183 According to emigration records he was born 12/14/1842. On 1/9/1870 asked for Heilbronn citizenship for himself and bride Ella Rothschild from Lehrensteinfeld. He has good name and property, his wife will have 6000 fl. dowry, ok. In 1910 lived in Chicago ward 7 with 5 boys KIRCHHEIMER, Hermann (I814)
184 According to Heidelberg residents' list he died 5/17/1941 in Konstanz KIRCHHEIMER, Seligman (Karl Sigmund) (I520)
185 According to Heilbronn tax list of Jan, 1889, employed there as Comis (trade assistant). KIRCHHEIMER, Seligman (Karl Sigmund) (I520)
186 according to Hilde' legal correspondence in 1934-5, Friedrich was a bank director in Heilbronn and lived at Friedenstr. 23;
He had been sent to Argentina in 1911 to keep him from marrying. Only stayed a year and returned to marry same woman anyhow. Argentina gave him some kind of certificate, which helped him get in when he emigrated in 1937. (with wife and all 3 kids).
On Board of VereinEinklang between 1915-34 
KIRCHHEIMER, Friedrich Wilhelm (Fritz) (I64)
187 According to his late wife Lina, they were sweethearts
> before the war but were not allowed to marry or really even be seen as
> being together because of his origins. He was apparently employed as a
> scientist by the regime and at some stage she said he was trying to
> create fuel from grapes....
> He survived she told me partly because of family connections, partly
> because of his war work and partly it seems from being unavailable at
> the right times.

Sauer, Kurt (1984):
Franz Kirchheimer.
Palaeontologische Zeitschrift, Band 58, Heft 3/4 . p. 175-176, 1 fig.

Professor Dr. phil. Franz W. Kirchheimer, Altprčasident des Geologischen Landesamtes Baden-Wčurttemberg (Freiburg i. Br.), Vorsitzender der Palčaontologischen Gesellschaft in 1957 und 1958, verstarb im Juni 1984 unerwartet. Ein Gelehrtenleben, in dem groĎe Leistungen fčur die Palčaontologie erbracht wurden, hat sein Ende gefunden. Franz Kirchheimer, als Sohn eines hohen Sanitčatsoffiziers und der Tochter eines Generalmajors in Mčullheim/Baden am 1. Juli 1911 geboren, wandte sich schon als Pennčaler in GieĎen der Erdgeschichte, speziell der Palčaontologie zu. Seine bis zur Matura auf diesem Gebiet verfaĎten und in einschlčagigen Zeitschriften verčoffentlichten Arbeiten veranlaĎten den hessischen Kultusminister, ihm im Mčarz 1929 das Zeugnis der Reife ohne Examen zu erteilen. Die Universitčat GieĎen wurde zum Studium der Erdwissenschaften sowie Zoologie und Botanik bezogen, das im Februar 1933 durch die Promotion zum Dr. phil. mit >sehr gut< mit einer botanischen Arbeit čuber >Plasma und Wundheilung bei Phycomyces< abgeschlossen wurde. Die anschlieĎende Assistententčatigkeit am Geologisch-Palčaontologischen Institut der Universitčat GieĎen war nur kurz, da er im September 1933 wegen politischer Unzuverlčassigkeit (Á 4 des Gesetzes zur Wiederherstellung des Berufsbeamtentums) aus dem Hochschuldienst entfernt wurde. Danach begann ein unstetes Wanderleben als freier Forscher auf den Gebieten der Geologie und Palčaobotanik, speziell der Kohlenkunde, das erst mit dem totalen Zusammenbruch im Frčuhjahr 1945 sein Ende fand, unterbrochen durch Dienst von Mčarz bis September 1940 in der deutschen Wehrmacht. Die Befreiung erlebte er als Leiter eines privaten Forschungslaboratoriums am Bodensee, in dem insbesondere Untersuchungen čuber Penicillin und andere Myocine angestellt wurden und dessen Leitung er 1943 čubernommen hatte. In der Zeit der politischen Achtung im >Tausendjčahrigen Reich< entstanden 90 Verčoffentlichungen, die sich mit palčaobotanischen Problemen befassen, der Braunkohle allgemein, deren Genese, insbesondere aber den darin vorkommenden Pflanzenresten, und mit Themen allgemeiner Art, darunter auch die von der Universitčat Kčoln aus politischen Grčunden zurčuckgewiesene Habilitationsschrift >Bau und botanische Zugehčorigkeit von Pflanzenresten aus deutschen Braunkohlen< (1935); Arbeiten čuber die Geschichte der Vitaceae und Rosengewčachse. Zwei Bčande des Fossilium Catalogus stammen von ihm. Die >Grundzčuge einer Pflanzenkunde der deutschen Braunkohlen< erschienen 1937. Nach vorčubergehender Verwendung in der Verwaltung des Landes Baden wurde Kirchheimer 1947 Direktor der Badischen Geologischen Landesanstalt in Freiburg, nach Grčundung des Landes Badea-Wčurttemberg im Oktober 1952 kommissarischer Leiter, 1954 Prčasident des neugeschaffenen Geologischen Landesamtes Baden-Wčurttemberg mit Sitz in Freiburg. Aufbau und hohes Ansehen dieser grčoĎten wissenschaftlichen Behčorde des Landes im In- und Ausland waren sein Werk. Die Universitčaten Stuttgart, Heidelberg und Freiburg ernannten ihn zum Honorarprofessor, was er jedoch nicht allein als Ehrung, sondern als Verpflichtung empfand, der er mit zahlreichen Lehrveranstaltungen fčur die Studenten an allen genannten Hochschulen nachkam. Nach seinem Ausscheiden als Prčasident des Geologischen Landesamtes Ende 1975 wurde er auf eine C4-Professur fčur Geologie und Palčaontologie an der Universitčat Heidelberg berufen. Damit ging sein sehnlichster Wunsch in Erfčullung, sich ausschlieĎlich der Forschung und Lehre widmen zu kčonnen. Zahlreiche Diplomanden und Doktoranden hat er bis zu seiner Emeritierung im Herbst 1979 zum AbschluĎexamen gefčuhrt. In den 50er Jahren traten neben die Palčaontologie die Beschčaftigung mit mineralischen Rohstoffen, insbesondere Gold und Uran, sowie montanhistorische und numismatische Arbeitsziele. Die Krčonung sollte eine Enzyklopčadie der Lagerstčatten Baden-Wčurttembergs werden, zu der bereits eine reiche Stoffsammlung vorhanden war. Der Tod hat dem Autor die Feder aus der Hand genommen. Franz Kirchheimer muĎte in seinem Leben viel Unbill erleiden. Seine politische Verfolgung wurde durch die Verleihung des Titels ordentlicher Professor durch die Universitčat GieĎen und die Badische Landesregierung nach 1945 wiedergutgemacht. Trotz der Demčutigungen ist Franz Kirchheimer aber immer ein nicht nachtragender, lebensbejahender Mensch geblieben, dem die Erdwissenschaften hčochste Verpflichtung waren. Er liebte die Geselligkeit, die Diskussion und den Witz, sich selbst dabei nicht schonend, wenn man beim Weine bis tief in die Nacht zusammensaĎ. Die Erdwissenschaftler mčussen Abschied nehmen von einem Universalisten ihres Faches, der noch weite Bereiche der Geologie abdeckte und die Fčahigkeit besaĎ, sich in neue rasch einzuarbeiten. Er beherrschte die minutičose Beschreibung, wie selten jemand, bei vorsichtiger Interpretation der Befunde. Kirchheimer war ein Wissenschaftler, dessen profundes allgemeines und fachliches Wissen und menschliche GrčoĎe uns fehlen werden.

Hunted Uranium in Black Forest under French occupation 
KIRCHHEIMER, Franz Waldemar (I1988)
188 According to Kurt Wolff his name was Moses. If correct that establishes his death. WOLFF, Max (I1264)
189 According to letter from Hilde Kirchheimer to lawyer in Germany, dated 8/24/1934 Paris, Ludwig gave her a pin with 8 small pearls for her engagement. ROSENTHAL, Ludwig (I95)
190 According to name taking list had a family of 3 in 1809, meaning presumably one child born before 1809
took last name Reiss in 1809 (see letter Wollmerhaueser July 2000)

In LDS film 1192020 he is shown as dying in March 1839
Accepted inBerwangen in 1791. 
REIS, Marx Jessel (I1039)
191 according to probate as translated byWollmershauser marriage 6/10/1851 Family F305
192 According to S937 date of death is 7/18/1911 KIRCHHEIMER, Elias (I913)
193 According to SSDI she was born 12/21/1902. SS# 022-34-3687 According to family history she was born on the second candle of Hanukah,and it was usually "celebrated" on Xmas day. but there is no clear year. According to 1920 census, taken in January, she was 16, ie born in 1904. In 1902 the 2nd candle was the 25th; in 1904 it was the 2nd. On the other hand, on her marrige certificate 1/1/1925 it says her age at last birthday was 21. NEWMAN, Celia Bella (I63)
194 According to Susan Vaughan born 6/10/1831 KIRCHHEIMER, Aron (I3318)
195 according to to his death cert. his mother was Rebecca (Rabak?) Xions, (lived in Kuttlau, most recently in Berlin)

Based on entries in many years in Berlin Adressenbuch, he owned the wholesale fur company,called Kristeller Bros. A J. Kristeller was listed as salesman, possibly brother Joseph.By 1915 ownership includes two probably unrelated people. 
KRISTELLER, Moritz (I353)
196 According to Wollmeshauser born 12/22/1799;accepted as Schutzbuerger in berwangen on 6/31/1822 (case #7771)

According to Wollmerhauser born 3/23/2800 started to be protected on 5/9/1832 
KIRCHHEIMER, Nathan (I169)
197 Active in Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, NYC DEVIDAS, Emilie (I219)
198 active in Zurich 2009 KIRCHHEIMER, Marc (I4455)
199 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GROSSMAN, Benjamin Kurt (I104)
200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. VAN SOUSANIS, Dan (I4463)

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